Anirban Sarkar


Anirban Sarkar started his journey with companies like Thermax and Dow Chemicals before taking the plunge to start out on his own. He started Deccan Water Treatment 30 years ago with the aim of solving water safety issues which were prevalent at that time. Deccan Water Treatment managed to acquire a niche for itself and with time it evolved into more sectors like solar energy and fire safety. Mr. Sarkar is also on the board of companies like Sriram EPC, Afcons etc and has got elected as thePresident of India-Arab Chamber of Commerce. With Deccan Water treatment stamping its authority in the wastewater segment Mr. Sarkar has shifted his focus to social issues which he feels deeply about. This has led him to invest in improving the police sector and in promoting young women players to attend different colleges and universities. Apart from this, he has also tried to create awareness about Shivaji Maharaj by producing a Marathi movie “Farzand” which turned out to be a blockbuster.

Tanvi Borker

Executive Director

Tanvi Borker did her Masters in Environmental Management from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, after which she joined Deccan water Treatment. She has grown through the ranks within the company to the extent that she has become the Executive Director of Deccaleap which is the consumer-facing division of Deccan Water Treatment. Tanvi heads the sales and is responsible for the growth of each brand at Deccaleap. Starting her career as an environmentalist puts her at the centre of making sure that all products of Deccaleap focus on the safety of consumers and the environment at large.

Distribution / Bulk
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