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F-PROTEKKT- Automobiles

₹ 17800.00 - ₹ 33350.00

F-PROTEKKT is an automatic fire safety device specially designed for automobiles. This ends up saving the vehicle as well as lives. Although traditional fire-fighting equipment is mandatory in vehicles, either it is neglected or difficult to use. Not anymore!

Why F-PROTEKKT- Automobiles?

F-PROTEKKT is eco-friendly and non-toxic by nature which causes no harm to any car parts. The smart and flexible design makes it apt to be installed in domestic, commercial, heavy commercial as well as public transport vehicles.

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  • F-PROTEKKT fits easily under the bonnet and doesn't need any modification to the vehicle.
  • It is extremely easy to install and does not need any expert supervision. F-PROTEKKT has been designed to provide optimal safety while consuming less space.
  • The specially designed tube houses a flame-retardant. This tube is also equipped with a pressure gauge.
  • As the heat and pressure rise, the tube bursts open and releases the flame retardant, which cuts off the oxygen and douses the fire immediately.


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