Thro Vase is an impact-activated fire extinguisher for officeThro Vase is an impact-activated fire extinguisher for office

Thro Vase (Pack of 2)

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Traditional fire fighting methods require people trained in fire fighting or professional firefighters.




Most fire disasters can be avoided if the fire is thwarted before it spreads. But traditional fire fighting methods are cumbersome, difficult to use and require training. Due to which they aren’t in widespread usage. Presenting Thro, an innovative and easy-to-use impact-activated fire extinguisher that is developed to make fire fighting rather easy.


Thro is an impact-activated fire extinguisher ideal to douse small indoor fires. With Thro, anyone can douse fires in three easy steps.
– Pick
– Aim at the fire
– Throw to douse


Thro houses a water-based solution in a casing. In the event of a fire, simply pick, aim and throw at the fire. The casing breaks upon impact, releases the fire-extinguishing solution which cuts the supply of oxygen to the fire and douses the fire. This solution is completely non-toxic, effective and leaves no residue.


Thro has been ergonomically designed to fit easily in the palm of anyone, from a child to an elderly person. It is sleek and light-weight and adds to the aesthetic value of the room it adorns. Most importantly, Thro can become your first line of fire defence in homes, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops and many such daily places. Thro makes you fire ready.


  • Fire Type: A, B
  • Agent Capacity: 350 ml
  • Storage Temperature: – 200 Celcius to 600 Celcius
  • Storage Life: 2 Years
  • Product Code: TF – 350
Thro – A fire extinguisher for office

Fire incidences cannot be predicted and may prove dangerous at times. Preventive measures are also not enough in some cases. Fire safety for office or fire protection for office is to taken seriously. If fire catches, conventional fire fighting methods require trained manpower. But such trained manpower may not be always available in time. This may prove dangerous. Here comes Thro Vase in picture. “Thro Vase” is an impact-activated fire extinguisher for office. Thro Vase looks like an attractive vase and is a easy-to-use fire extinguisher for office. Thro Vase is fire extinguisher shaped in such a manner that it can be placed as a vase on the table or at the corners of the office space and can be thrown into the fire to suppress it. Using “Thro Vase – a fire extinguisher for office” is very easy – Toss “THRO VASE” into the source of fire directly. In case one is not enough, use one more vase. The fire will get suppressed instantly, thus resulting in extinguishing the fire and preventing major loss of life & property. During a major outburst of fire where a group of individuals are surrounded by fire, just toss “THRO VASE” directly on the ground while creating an escape route safeguarding life. Thro Vase is one of the best fire extinguisher for office; this fire safety device for office comes at much affordable price of Rs. 1199. You can buy this fire extinguisher for office online at Thro Vase fire safety device for office is also available at your nearest car decor store.

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