Fire Extinguisher Ball

Thro (Pack of 4)

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  • Type – Impact-Activated Fire Extinguisher
  • How to Use – Just Pick, Aim and Throw.
  • Fire Type – A,B,C,D,K
  • Storage Life – 2 Years
  • Agent Capacity – 350 ml

Thro is an impact-activated fire extinguisher ideal to douse small indoor fires. With Thro, anyone can douse fires in three easy steps.



  • Toss “THRO” into the source of fire directly. In case one is not enough, throw the remaining three pieces. The fire will get suppressed immediately, thus resulting in extinguishing the fire and preventing imajor damage to life & property.
  • During a major outburst of fire where a group of individuals are surrounded by fire, just toss “THRO” directly on the ground while creating an escape rout safeguarding life.

Specifications of Thro

1 review for Fire Extinguisher Ball

Thro (Pack of 4)

  1. Mahesh Gaikwad

    Very Nice Product

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