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F-PROTEKKT- Control Panels/ Server Room

F-PROTEKKT- Control Panels/ Server Room

₹ 17800.00 - ₹ 33350.00

F-PROTEKKT is an innovative self-activated fire suppression system designed specifically to douse fire in closed as well as semi-ventilated spaces like electrical panels and server cabinets. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic by nature.

Why F-PROTEKKT- Control Panels/ Server Room?

F-PROTEKKT is eco-friendly and non-toxic in nature which causes no harm to any electrical & electronic components in the panel or server cabinets. The smart and flexible design makes it apt to be installed easily in any size of panel or server cabinets which completely douses the fire.

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  • F-PROTEKKT fits easily inside the electrical panel or server cabinets and doesn’t need any modifications.
  • It is extremely easy to install and does not need any expert supervision. F-PROTEKKT has been designed to provide optimal safety while consuming less space.
  • The specially designed tube houses a flame-retardant. This tube is also equipped with a pressure gauge.
  • As the heat rises, the tube bursts open and releases the flame retardant which completely fills the enclosed space in the panel or cabinet, thus dousing the fire immediately.


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