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THRO-VASE- Pack Of 1

THRO-VASE- Pack Of 1

₹ 900.00

The THRO-VASE Pack of 1 comes with one convenient impact-activated fire extinguisher that acts as the first line of fire defence in homes and offices. With THRO-VASE, anyone can douse fire in three easy steps.

  • Pick
  • Aim at the fire
  • Throw to douse


THRO-VASE has been ergonomically designed to fit easily in the palm of anyone, from a child to an elderly person. It is sleek and lightweight and adds to the aesthetic value of the room it adorns. Most importantly, THRO-VASE can become your first line of fire defence in homes, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops, and many such daily places.

THRO-VASE houses a water-based solution in a casing. In the event of a fire, simply

  • Pick
  • Aim
  • Throw at the fire
The casing breaks upon impact, releasing the fire-extinguishing solution, which cuts the supply of oxygen to the fire and douses the fire. This solution is completely non-toxic, effective, and leaves no residue.


Installation Guide