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THRO- Pack Of 2

THRO- Pack Of 2

₹ 1250.00

The THRO Pack of 2 includes a set of two THRO impact-activated fire extinguishers that may be used to put out a fire in three simple stages.

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THRO is an innovative, impact-activated, and aesthetic fire extinguisher perfect for dousing small indoor fires. It gives you the power to save your loved ones from fire & make your home a safer place. Its beautiful design will adorn your house while making you fire-ready.

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  • Toss "THRO" into the source of the fire directly. If one is not enough, throw the remaining peace. The fire will be suppressed immediately, thus extinguishing the fire and preventing major damage to life & property
  • During a major outburst of fire where a group of individuals is surrounded by fire, just toss "THRO" directly on the ground while creating an escape route to safeguard life.


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